Ala Carte Menu

Ceremony Items
12 Shepherd hooks Complimentary
Altar table Complimentary
Wire baskets on stand for programs Complimentary
125 padded white chairs Complimentary
White Candleholders (Set of 2) Complimentary
12 Stumps $50.00
3 antique, white, French doors $125.00
Opening Wedding Doors $150.00
Wedding Arch $100.00
Silver tin buckets with handles $2.00 each
Glass and burlap hanging mason jars $25 for the set
Glass Milk Jugs $35 for the set
Before ceremony refreshment area with 2 Twelve foot benches, 3 round tables, 3 sets of glass jars and cups. Choice of cucumber water or lemon/lime/ mint water $100.00
Chandeliers (1-3) * $75.00
White Drape (weather permitting)* $75.00
Lanterns * $75.00
Drapery on Ceremony Pergola* $60.00
Message Chalkboard $10.00
"Sit where your heart desires" sign $10.00
Greenery (Ferns/ wreaths in stock) $25.00
Barrels (Set of 2) $60.00
Petal Set Up/ Rake Up (Does not include petals $30.00
Outdoor/Cocktail Hour Items
2 Picnic Tables w/ Checkered Tablecloths Complimentary
Lawn Games Complimentary
5 Bistro tables w/2 chairs Complimentary
Cocktail table with umbrella Complimentary
6 colored lawn chairs Complimentary
Fire Pit (Wood, Skewers,Lighting) $30.00
Smore Set Up (Apothecary Jars) $20.00
Appetizer Set Up $50.00
Outdoor Twinkle Lights $40.00
Wire Bench w/cushion and pillows $30.00
Wooden Bench $30.00
Wagon Wheel $10.00
Clawfoot Tub for Drinks $25.00
2 wicker sofas w/cushions, coffee table , 1 wicker chair w/ottoman and end tables Complimentary
Antique Couch, 2 chairs, ottoman and rug (Entrance or inside Barn) $100 for the set
Love Locks
Tree of Life Ceremony Kit $125.00
Love Lock (Colored) $30.00
Love Lock Brass $25.00
Love Lock Photo Frame with Lock $50.00
Specialty Services
Day-Of Coordination-Wedding and Reception
– with Wedding Ceremony on Site Complimentary
Day of Coordination-Reception Only
– with Wedding Ceremony off Site $500
Parking Attendants Complimentary
Smoking Area Set-Up Complimentary
Trash Removal $200.00
Table Bussing and Trash Clean Up $300.00
Specialty Signs
White chalkboard easel with names $25.00
Large menu chalkboard $30.00
Door Chalkboard Sign w/ Quote $40.00
Large window for seating chart $50.00
Pre-made directional Signs ( Ceremony, Cocktails, Appetizers, I Do/ We Did, Sparkers, Social Media, Smoking) $25.00
Personalized Small Chalkboard Signs $10 each
Reception Set Up
Complimentary Furniture and Décor
Chandeliers Complimentary
Twinkle Lights Complimentary
Shabby Chic Chandeliers Complimentary
Round tables (13 seats 10) Complimentary
White Padded Chairs (135 total) Complimentary
Sweetheart Table (1 Round) Complimentary
Wooden Bar Complimentary
Buffet Table Complimentary
Cake Table Complimentary
White Hutch Complimentary
White Table with Flaps Complimentary
White or Ivory Underlays (14) Complimentary
Banquet Tables (Eight Foot-2) Complimentary
Banquet Tables (Six Foot-2) Complimentary
Banquet Table (Four Foor-1) Complimentary
Burlap Runner $5 each
Burlap Square $5 each
Lace Overlay $10 each
Specilty Overlay Prices TBD
White of Ivory Napkins (125) $125.00
Linens for Vendor Tables $15 each (If they do not provide their own)
Detail Furniture Options
Gift Cart $75.00
3 Tiered Wheeled Cart (Candy/Favors) $50.00
Barrel Table (2 Barrels and 1 Door) $100.00
2 wicker sofas w/cushions, coffee table , 1 wicker chair w/ottoman and end tables $100.00 set
White Tiered Plant Stand $40.00
Vanity Chalkboard Quote $50.00
Vintage Ladder $20.00
Jack Daniels Barrels (Inside Only) $100.00
White Sofa Table (Gifts/Display) $10.00
Place Card Options (Pick One)
Large window for seating chart $50.00
Shutter $20.00
White Chicken Coop $20.00
Brown Chicken Coop $20.00
Screen Door/ Ladder Set $50.00
Mason Jar Set Up $40.00
Place Card Set Up (to be done by FCF) $20.00
Gifts and Cards (Pick One Card Box and One Display)
White Square Bircage Complimentary
White Round Birdcage Complimentary
Large Brown Birdcage Complimentary
Large Blue Birdcage Complimentary
Small Travel Suitcase Complimentary
Medium Globe Suitcase Complimentary
Large Red Trunk Complimentary
Brown Lantern Complimentary
Green Lantern Complimentary
Card Sign Complimentary
Gift Sign Complimentary
Gift Cart $75.00
White Sofa Table (Gifts/Display) $10.00
Cake Options
Large Cake Table Complimentary
Vanity Chalkboard Quote Table $50.00
Round White Table (Folding Sides) Complimentary
Dessert Set-Up (By FCF Employee includes tiers) $30.00
Cake Cutting (Does not include plates, forks or table service) $30.00
Cake Knife, Cake Server, Vintage Plate and Forks $30.00
Drink Options
Coffee Canister $10
Double Beverage Dispensers $15 each
Glass Carafes for Water or Tea Complimentary
Table Numbers
Wooden Table Numbers $25 a set
Burlap Hearts $25 a set
Burlap Tags $25 a set
Small Frames (Gold, Silver, Brown, Black, White) $25 a set
Mini Chalkboards $25 a set
Mason Jar Lids $25 a set
Wooden Hearts $25 a set
Chalkboard Wine Bottles $40 a set
Chalkboard Tags $25 a set
Wood Options
Wooden Rounds (15) $3.00 each
Single Amish Boxes (includes mason jars) $4.00 each
Double Amish Boxes (includes mason jars) $6.00 each
Small Wooden Boxes $2.00 each
Eat Cake Wood Sign $2.00
Mr. and Mrs Wood Sign $2.00
Wooden Lanterns (15) $6.00 Each
Large White Lanterns $8.00 Each
Small White Lanterns $5.00 Each
Silver Lanterns $5.00 Each
Cracked Glass Votives .50 each
Gold Votives .50 each
Clear Votives .50 each
Silver Votives .50 each
Short Mason Jars with Lace .50 each
Votives with Twine .50 each
Book Page Votives $1.00 each
Mason Jars
Small Mason Jars (Burlap and Button) $3.00 each
Large Mason Jars (Burlap and Button) $4.00 each
Small Blue Mason Jars $4.00 each
Large Blue Mason Jars $8.00 each
XL Blue Mason Jars $12.00 each
Gold Mason Jars $4.00 each
Short Lace Mason Jars $4.00 each
Tall Mason Jars with Lace $5.00 each
Large Burlap and Twine Mason Jars $4.00 each
Mirrors/Picture Frames
Tall Window Picture Frame $30.00
Short Window Picture Frame (2) $15 each
Assorted White Picture Frames $3.00
Empty White Frames $5 each
Gold Picture Frame $5.00
Empty Brown Picture Frames $5.00 each
Assortment of White Mirrors on back wall $50.00
Gold Mercury Glass Vases $5.00 each
Silver Mercury Glass Vases $5.00 each
Tall Silver Mercury Glass Vases $5.00 each
Clear Short Vases $3.00 each
Clear Tall Vases (23 inch) $10 each
Skinny Milk Glass Vases $5 each
Milk Glass Assorted Vases $5.00 each
Wine Bottles $3.00 each
Green Wine Bottles w/ Burlap Wrappers $4.00 Each
Clear Wine Bottles with Burlap Wrappers $4.00 Each
Assorted Glass Bottles with Lace and Raffia $1.00 Each
Assorted Cobalt Blue Bottles/ Jars $4.00 Each

Additional payment terms and conditions:

  • Reception only must pay additional $500 coordination fee
  • Bridal suite – $30 per hour
  • Store personal items at Flora Corner Farm – $150 per day
  • Trash removal charge – $200.00
  • Clean-up of all trash from tables – $300.00
  • Payment of Maryland sales tax is the responsibility of the client.
  • Add an additional $20.00 per person over 125 guests
  • Prices subject to change without notice


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