Who We Are

Diane (The Owner)- When I retired from being a middle school art teacher after 31 years, I was ecstatic to finally have time to spend doing what I wanted to do. After three years of lunching with old friends, pestering my kids, making quilts and painting—I was bored. I thought to myself, “Gosh, I’m only 51. There has to be something more to fill up my days.

After my daughter got engaged in 2010, we decided to convert the barn that was built to house my husband’s farm equipment into a unique space to host her reception. Before I knew it, I had collected every scrap of burlap and lace in the tri-county area (well before Pinterest made this style popular). The response to the shabby-chic style was so overwhelmingly positive that I finally had the AH-HA moment I had been waiting for. This was my chance to channel my creativity to create a unique space to share with others. This was only the beginning.

Harold (The real owner, he hasn’t been told otherwise) This farm has been in my family for over 150 years. It has always been a working farm that originally grew tobacco. As a retired Principal/ Vice Principal/ Gentleman Farmer, I am responsible for making sure that the venue is always in tip-top shape. I also have to stop the ladies from buying more furniture and other “necessary” items before we have to build another barn to store it all in. For the record, I am still waiting to get my barn back.

Amanda (The Wedding Coordinator) – I was in a wedding at Flora Corner Farm in 2012 and it was love at first sight. The venue was stunning and it was easy to see the love Diane and Harold had poured into creating this charming place. I was doing a site visit with the bride and impressed the owners with my décor ideas and attention to detail when it came to event logistics. Fast forward three years and over 60 couples later, I can’t imagine being a part of a better team. I love taking the creative visions of the couples we work with and translating them into beautiful, cohesive events.